welcome to dhol and brass

We are an established dhol and brass ensemble consisting of the traditional brass elements of trumpets, trombones, alto and soprano saxophones, fused with the distinct rhythmic patterns of the snare and dhol drum. We thrive on being the finishing touch to that special occasion.

Dhol and Brass has been operating since 2003 and continues to be one of the first of its nature to offer their services within the United Kingdom. The ensemble retains that traditional Asian touch that has bought fresh innovation, creativity and variety to the fore of performance music. The uniqueness it has created has attracted many new fans.

The ensemble consists of the traditional brass elements of trumpet, trombone, alto sax and soprano sax fused with the rhythmic patterns of the snare and dhol drum. The end result promotes high quality brass instrumental music fused with dynamic and vibrant dhol beats. The performance repertoire is wide, consisting of a range of classical, semi-classical, Folk and contemporary up beat tunes that appeal to all audiences.

Dhol and Brass have performed throughout the country and beyond and have played at numerous prestigious highbrow venues, such as Alton Towers, and the Radisson Edwardian and Hilton hotels. Our corporate clients have also included Barclays Bank, and we have also performed at prominent events, such as the Brit Asia Awards 2012 and Folk Stars Bhangra dance competition. Very recently, we have also featured in a Bollywood film, namely Yamla Pagala Deewana 2, out in 2013.